Friday, September 30, 2011

Sharing Words

Recently, well, within the past 6 or so months, I have been reaching out online for chronic pain support. Along the way, I have met some amazing people and even some I can call friends! I have been blessed by all the support! For those that know me, I am a giant nerd at heart and my 2nd favorite book is my thesaurus, (the first is my Bible- there is NO beating that one-that is straight from the Word of God, but that is another blog,lol). Word have always been my thing... I love them, their meaning, their differences, how we can tell so much by just one word! Our words have such meaning and such an effect on our lives and those around us.... Beth Moore once said, "God words are omnipotent, but our words are POTENT". Definitely are words carry a lot of weight and meaning behind them.

Having fibromyalgia has changed the way I see the world and they way I express myself and what I immerse myself in.... One of the things that has been beyond helpful are the "inspirational quotes and stories" of so many others out there, like me, suffering alone with bodies that hurt.... I try to will away the pain, it's still here... so what I have to do is make it through the pain.... and that is where support from others has been a vital key! I read others stories, ways they cope, hints and tips.... and that's just the surface.... I also feel like I know some of them, pray for them, think about them, talk to some of them, and call them "my fibro friends and family"! We are pain warriors and fighters and also family as we are connected by the invisible thread that connects us together in ways that have been touching and endearing and sometimes even, life changing!

So today I was online and on facebook, yes, I use facebook, most people do, they just don't want to admit it! It can be used for bad, but it can also be a tool used for fighting fibro and that is my focus on it and for what I've put in, I have received back ten-fold!  Ok, back to me being on facebook today.... I was on the page for fibro called   and it lead me to another site   and on that page I read some stories of other woman with fibro and how they found out, cope with it, and how it has effected their lives as well. One of the woman mentioned "4 rules she lives by", and they were good. Short and simple and makes life much less complicated.....

"It is my opinion that it is better not to dwell on your illnesses, but rather to be happy with what you have in life. I live by four rules. One, I only do things that make me happy, two, I live very close to God (this does not mean I get to church every Sunday, because sometimes I am in a lot of pain), three, I say no more often, and four, I try to stay as healthy as possible under the circumstances. I find that all four rules go with one another. If you keep one you keep the other." (Barbaraane's Story)

The first one probably spoke to me the most, but so did 2 and also 3 and 4! Fibromyalgia is hard enough if you are in a situation that is not healthy or good for you, both emotionally and physically! I am gonna definitly ask myself next time, does this make ME happy? Is this/Am I living close to God? I will say NO WAY more often, lol. and lastly, and something I just put as a facebook status, keep working on STAYING as healthy as possible..... and doing that takes the first 3.... wonderful rules for a fibro-mite to live by!

I am so grateful for all the other woman out there that are brave and stand up and fight and share it also!!! It is not easy living with something that "seems" invisible.... It's effects are VERY visible, items like things I've lost or can't do anymore, little things like the laundry piling up (well, it's not THAT little, lol) to the things in life that make you who you are.... chronic pain has completely changed me, and while I would love to have a life without pain, that is not my life. My life is here and now and all I can do is pray that God sees me through each and every day and that in the end my life will bring Him glory..... Like I once heard, May I be God's sparkle! And may I see the the happiness only God can bring. I pray... Lord,  help me to look and see the positives in my life THROUGH the pain and despite the pain. Help me to not just live the life I have, but to be happy with it, which comes from You and Your Joy!

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