Saturday, September 17, 2011

crummy cold :(

I have a cold and I feel crummy! I am reading some new books, one is by Phillip Yancy, Where Is God When It Hurts? It looks good and I need to be uplifted.... and I have tried like 3 fictional books and just couldn't get into any..... My Aunt took my girls to sugar beet days, it's a cool craft/vendor fair and they gotta see family (aunts and uncle and cousins!!!) I wish I could have gone, but my fibro, it is flaring and it hurts to just turn, I can't drive, I HURT HURT HURT!!!! taking cold medicine, my meds for pain, and zinc to help fight this off!!! I know that this will pass though and am very grateful to have the wonderful daughters I do. Oh, and wonderful friends and their son, they came over and cooked for me and the girls, it was soooo yummy!!! It was nice! :)  Will be glad to be on the mend and instead of "having" a cold, want to "get over" this cold.......

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