Thursday, September 15, 2011

from flu to cold, NOOO!!!!! :P

This morning I was asked, "how are you feeling?" my reply, "if by better you mean not throwing up and falling out of bed, then I'm doing great!" It started last night, and went form 0 to 60 in 2.5 (hours, lol)... It started with a splitting headache, that was soon followed by my stomach feeling yucky, I thought at first it was from the MASSIVE head-splitting-ache, but no, then a fever, then throwing up!!! It was THAT BAD!!! By morning, I think I was done throwing up for the most part, girls went to school and I slept  and slept and rested.... by afternoon I was ready to eat some crackers and drink some apple juice.... by evening, much better, my fibro didn't think so, so took some medicine and took it easy, NOW THOUGH, my nose is drippy and my throat is scratchy... NOOO!!!! not a cold!!! At least the girls have a full day of school tomorrow and I can rest up some... and since it's the weekend, have the girls do some "extra" chores to help out... they are great at pitching in usually when I go down with being sick(er than normal), lol!!! Thanks for letting me vent.... It just sucks to be sick and even worse when we battle to feel good daily! I am so thankful for God and my girls and my family and support system (includes online) and I know that this too shall pass....

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