Friday, September 16, 2011

Fibro Friday: invisible pain week

So this past week was invisible pain awareness week, and for all of us that struggle with chronic "seemingly invisible pain", and all who live with and love those who struggle, it did not go by invisible! And, I did not suffer alone... My fibro friends and family and my fibro website, it has been an incredible journey and it is uniquely mine, yet shared at the same time, that's what pain does, it connects you.... If you have never been around chronic pain or experienced it first hand, well, it can be very lonely and isolating and a good support system is critical!

I must truly say, I have met some wonderful friends online... some, feel like family already! Many and most are wonderful women who suffer from chronic pain and fibro and many other debilitating conditions. Thank you Ladies and family and friends for ALL your support, I can honestly say, I don't feel so alone in my journey and life that is filled with chronic pain and suffering. It is very hard to live with... A regular cold and it's a flare-up for us, a simple walk can cause pain, just holding up our own bodies at time can be more than we can bear and we cry out in pain, from pain, and with a knowing that this is it... bleak, dreary, and depressing.... at times, it can be, there are many many sides of fibro and chronic pain, not all is shown and not all is seen...

Now though, when I am struggling and my fibro is at its worst, and emotionally I feel like I can't take this fibro and pain anymore, I now have a "fibro-family"... And with it being invisible pain awareness week, it has made me aware that I am not alone, I need not feel ashamed and even though I may have limitations, I am not less, if anything, may God be more in me in life's disappointments. Invisible pain week did not go by invisible, and I hope others have learned and seen the same this week!!

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