Tuesday, September 20, 2011

true thoughts on true love

Today is Tuesday and today's thoughts, true love, does it exist?  I'm beginning to think it doesn't. I used to believe in it, but what makes some couples make it and some don't? I hear today the divorce rate is 65% now..... the leading cause of divorce: marriage!! (that's a good one, not mine, but I concur with itit !)

Does true love exist? With God it does, with man, uhhh.... men.... uuhhhhh, well, I am starting to wonder if I will ever fall in love or meet Mr. Right, or if I have, do I even know? My heart is full with my girls and my dogs.... and it is probably me whose heart is shut off.... can only handle so much! I am so tired of letting people in only to hurt later.....

I like my life and the balance and the flow.... but sometimes, especially at night when my brain is racing, is this what I want? I live everyday with pain, literally with fibromyalgia, so do I need a "pain-in-the-butt" bf to go along with my life? what is the end goal? Can I ever let someone in? Lord, what is Your plan for my life and Your purpose? Help me to see where You want me to go, what roads You have for me and who an if there is that special someone, may he love me even a little bit as You! May I be his treasure and know it and feel it and prepare hearts..... giving my heart and love life to you Lord.... Jesus' name, Amen

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