Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One day at a time

Fibromyalgia.... just the word itself makes my mind conjure up all sorts of feelings, from the lows to the highs, fibromyalgia is a life changer for sure. I watched soul surfer this morning and they asked her if she could go back and not have gone out that day when the shark attacked her, would she? And she said no, because of who it made her today.  I want to have this attitude when it comes to my fibro.... but it is VERY VERY hard!!

I am slower and limited, but I have learned unconditional love and learned to let go of things I can't control and learned that things will be ok.... somehow, someway, they find a way of working themselves out.... There are days when living with fibro seems like the end of the world, and on the other extreme, days when I feel like a "true warrior" I fight and persevere so much! My children have learned empathy, compassion and caring because of my illness.....

For all the bad that comes with fibro, I have to believe that there is some good in it, that something good can come out of it, and God can use it for His good, His glory! I don't know why me or how it'll all play out, but I know that I am His princess and He holds me close and sees me through 1 day at a time.... and sometimes that's the only to be.... to live.... 1 day at a time! Together and offering support, we can all make it though....

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