Tuesday, September 6, 2011

soooo tired-weaning down on patch

I am so tired and dragging and drained..... I am offish.... have been on the 50mcg fentanyl patch and about a week ago tried the 25mcg.... I have been sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping..... I am assuming it is the switch, and I really want to get down on it.... when I went from 75 to 50 I actually felt better, this time it is harder.... but I am determined and gonna give it my all!!! Nothing to lose except to go back where I started, which is the same, so really, nothing to lose and feeling better to gain! Fentanyl is a strong drug and has some horrible side effects! I realistically think I will be on the 25 patch for quite a while, do NOT want to go through winter without it and I know my body and I do need this little help.... And the patches are WAY smaller and I can find spots on my body for them!! so, I am gonna be optimistic..... only time will tell..... and speaking of sleep, it is calling me.... 'nite all!!!

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