Friday, September 23, 2011

Flipped for Joy

Friday is here and no school today.... Our local school district is trying something new, the 2nd Friday of every month is a half day and I think that every 4th Friday is a teacher in-service day, It's to kinda sorta try out the "no school Friday" idea; it would help out with the budget. So they are home and my house, well, it's messy, but filled with love, lol!! :)

Life is a funny thing, just when you think life is supposed to be one way, whoosh! It takes a turn.... I am so glad that I have God and more importantly He has me! Thank You Lord for another day, for holding me close, for seeing me through life's ups and downs, for helping me keep sane with my fibro, and if at all possible, I do still pray for a miracle and would to love to have a life without fibro, but Lord, I would rather have fibro and have you than be "on the top" and be without joy, for You are my hope and my joy, what makes me me! Thank You Lord for my joy which can and only does come from You!!! In Jesus' name, Amen  ~B

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  1. Well, this is her daughter..... How do I make an account? I tried Nd it wouldn't let me....I think that I would be a "fan" of hers and she would be a "fan" of me:)