Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

I have two wonderful and amazing and beautiful and wonderful daughters. My oldest is 15 and a freshman this year in high school and my youngest is 11 and a 6th grader in middle school.  They are my pride and joy. Not just mine, but their father's as well.  While their father and I may not be together anymore as a couple, we will be forever connected because of our daughters! We are co-parents. And we have worked very hard to get to where we are today, to work together for the benefit of them! Not us, them!  We work and try as hard as we do because we love them with all our hearts! We love them unconditionally, and as much as we love them, imagine how much God does!!!

Tonight's topic that their father and I and later my oldest and her dad, with me their: teens, boys, and dating! AHHHH!!!!!! (I have a reservation for the padded room for when they both are teens...) No, in all honesty, I have great daughters.  My oldest has a boyfriend and he met her dad last night, well, he called me today and we visited about teenage boys and his baby, he is very protective and with all rights, he should be! I wouldn't want it any other way!  So we met up this evening and visited. Then he visited with our daughter and told her all about boys, teen-age boys, and omg!!! I thought they were bad, but he was one and laid it out there, she is old enough! I grew up with just my mom and gma, him, with his dad and 3 other brothers, so he knows boys! And after he left, my daughter and I were talking and she said, "I know dad knows what he's talking about when it comes to boys". Yes he does sweetie and we don't want you to be with a guy who does NOT treasure you!

I even learned some things tonight. My ex, he is very good at explaining, teaching, metaphors and getting down to the heart while keeping calm (we are not talking his and my relationship here, lol).  Boys should treat you like a treasure, not a possession... you are too good for _____. He isn't worthy of you. Boys are addicts to what they haven't even had yet..... boys are walking hormones (nice way to put it)..... boys will say all the right things to get you to think a certain way.... they try to lower your boundaries.... sweet talk.... lower your defenses.... teenage boys think with one thing, not their brain either..... young and dumb and.....  He laid it all out there for her without judgement.... but with her and her protection in mind.....Not because we don't trust her, but because people are still human, even her... to keep her from regrets....  We are actually giving her our trust with dating and we just needed to make sure she goes into dating with her eyes wide open and that she realize what trust we are giving her in dating as well!

The truth shall set you free...  Teen age boys are/can be total pigs and they can be focused on one thing and we are gonna protect her with all we have and then some..... She is a young lady and I'm glad we/he was able to have this conversation with her and she listened and took it to heart.... It was eye opening to say the least. She is a treasure!!!! Girls, if the boy doesn't treasure you, RUN the other way!!! You are too good for him and he is not worthy of you! We are treasures and boys may not see it, but God ALWAYS does! We are HIS treasure, the apple of His eye.... He love us more than we can and will ever know!!!

I am His princess and my worth is more than any treasure this world has to offer.... His treasure! I am His and He holds me in the palm of His hand and will never let me go.... He is my hope and my joy and I am His! Oh, to be treasured by God! To be His daughter.... to be called by name..... to be held by His strong hand and His everlasting love.... I am and forever will be... TREASURED!

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