Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who I am in Christ

I sit here and think how different my life is now then when I was a kid..... boy have I grown up.... in SO many ways! Emotionally, life sucked for me growing up, it was just me and my single mom, and I don't say this with hatred, but she is crazy and it makes me sad but I can't have a relationship with her....

With all of my heart I believe God's purpose, His plan.... what He called me for; to break the cycle! And with His help, and only cuz of Him, I have made it... I still have room to grow, but I did this! Not by myself and not of myself, GO GOD!!! Only He can truly change the heart....

I look back at who I once was, an I don't even recognize her... I am now His, well, I was always His, I just didn't see it sometimes cuz of my stubborn heart! But God chose me, called me, and He will NEVER let me or my girls go.... He holds us close in His hand and with Him.

I can also say I forgive my mom, and even my birth-father.... His forgiveness, His love, all He asks, is that I give Him my heart, and He promises to love me forever and never let me go!!! God's love is so unfathomable!!!! And He is why I am who I am and who I'm gonna be! Without Him, I would have nothing to hope in, but with Him, I have true joy and love that can only be found IN HIM!

I love you Lord and thank you for saving me not only from my past, but also saving me from myself, and who I would be without You..... You make me a loving and caring mom and I couldn't ask for better kids either! Thank you Lord for never giving up and for holding and keeping "our little family" together in Your arms, where we are safe, forever and ever....Amen      ~B

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