Wednesday, October 19, 2011

protruding disc :\

MY ORIG POST, AND my friends in my chronic pain group(s) are WONDERFUL!!!

So I saw my doc today.... went well, trying a new 24 hour muscle relaxer (it's an older one, not supposed to make people as tired), will let you all know... AND WE LOOKED AT MY MRI, I knew I wasn't crazy, It shows disc protrusion between my C3 and C4 (in the neck) and it's bulging TO THE LEFT! Right where I feel the pain!!With fibro I am not a good candidate for surgery (with my fibro), nerve block (done them before) is what I will be looking into,AND I'm not as bad AS I WAS 2 years ago, so the recovery and such would hopefully be a lot better this time.... I have done the physical therapy, and that is TOO aggressive, does anyone have any stretches to push that disc back? It would be nice to actually fix this, not just block it if at all possible. (*I will be looking at the specialist the first part of January, doing some local shots here on the 1st of November and wanna wait til after the holidays, cuz the nerve blocks take a while while your nerve endings SLOWLY continue to die over a few week period, not fun!)

My Response to all their wonderful help and words of encouragement!

Ty everyone..... I am just feeling "blah" about it right now.... I mean, my fibro is getting managed, but this neck crap, ha!!! I wish I could just fix it, but no, gotta love fibro <insert sarcasm here>. The new muscle relaxer, actually it's an oldie, 24 hours and not supposed to make you tired, i took it this afternoon and still feel ok, similar to skelaxin i would say.... it is called, "Piroxicam". Oh, and to top it all off, my doc is preg (and i am SO happy for her, but she is gonna be gone from Jan 1st -April 1st) I asked her about it and she said they were gonna have a fill in..... praying for a good doc, even half as good as her! :\

*(This was what I posted on FB tonight).... I really wish and pray for healing.... I would love to see my fibro go into remission!!!!! One day and one step at a time! 

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