Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday's day

Today is Monday... the start of the business work.... well, I had some personal business I had to do.... I had to tell someone that I cared about a lot that things can't go a certain way (at least for now), but I must say I was MORE than respected!!! It is hard to have to tell people things you know they don't want to hear and you don't want to have to say either.... but whether it be family, kids, health, timing>your's and/or God's, it is a time to heal for everyone..... but what they respect, is PLZ, tell me what's up!! They would rather hear the truth that be blown off..... I know I would.... I prayed and asked God for the words and it worked out.... and I am honestly glad I got my moxy and addressed the issue! God knows what He is doing and I am s

Same holds true for fibro.... I am NOT ashamed of my limitations, I am proud of what I do get accomplished! If someone can not deal with the fact that it is a day by day thing with planning, especially now with this "protruding disc" in my neck I am also struggling with..... even right I am feeling my a limitation..... I am gonna fall asleep sitting up here on the couch on my laptop, and that isn't good for fibro either.....

So to sum it all up, Jesus tells us to treat others like we would want to be treated and the truth will set us free.... and as we act upon His words, may He guide us and may we know His direction for our lives, lives WITH fibro, but still fill of life!!

Tx for reading! =)

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