Monday, October 17, 2011

fentanyl patch tips

Today I'm just touching on the topic of the fentanyl patch and some tips for it.... Some I learned the hard way! :\

1. NEVER put the fentanyl patch on tattoo'd skin. It should NEVER go directly on the tattoo. Mine literally opened up the tattoo, burned and ate at it a bit... took it off quick and have been careful ever since.

 2. IF you should need tape to help hold on the patch, make sure it's BREATHABLE tape. If it can't breath, you can/will overdose and oh boy, you feel sick, weak, light-headed and sweat A LOT!! The tape I use is 3M flexible clear tape (3/4"). They do NOT carry it at our wal-mart here, but they do at the pharmacies including Walgreens.

3. The tape residue can get stuck on and hard to come off. They carry little "wipie-things" to wipe off the goo, but I have not used it yet, have heard ladies that have and they say they work really good. (I just heard about them a couple weeks ago, and haven't bought them yet as they are pretty expensive. I was told they were cheaper online.) The name brand is uni-patch adhesive remover wipes, and I found them in a google search and on ebay.
SINCE I DON'T HAVE THE WIPE-OFF GOO PADS, I USE: neosporin (the generic kind) or Eucerin AQUAPHOR healing ointment. I rub it on the area really good, wait/let it set a few minutes, and the goo will gently scrape/wipe off.

4. My skin is sensitive and I personally change my patch every 48 hours. The recommend dosage is every 72 hours, so this is something you need to ask your doctor about. I know for me, it's not just that the patch seems to wear off more on the 3rd day, but by the end of day 2, I am ready to rip off the old patch, it itches!!

5. Make sure to dispose of your old patches properly. I flush mine usually, but if that is not an option, I have a large empty prescription bottle that I put my discarded patches in. They NEVER go directly in the trash, not just for kids, but because of my PETS.

These are just a few simple tips for those of us that use/are on the fentanyl patch for chronic pain and need round the clock pain medication.  To all my fellow chronic pain and fibro warriors, hang in there and hope that as you are reading this, you are feeling relatively well. God Bless!

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