Friday, August 12, 2011

from the chronic pain support group on fb

THE GOAL AND LONG VERSION FOR MY CHRONIC PAIN SUPPORT GROUP ON FB: This is a group that is formed with and for all the wonderful facebook friends that suffer with chronic pain. I, myself, have fibromyalgia, I srtruggled with declining health from approx. 2001-2003.... just little stuff at first.... then from 2003-2005 I started really struggling with pain and fatigue, but especially pain, back, HIPS, shoulder/neck area..... had tried different treatment and such and doctored for a while.... and in June of 2005 I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Had a good doctor(s) and within a couple years was doing really well.... then I had a surgery go TERRIBLY wrong in nov of 2007 and was critical but stable and it was very scary..... The situation went from bad to worse, but after several surgeries and vanco, I recovered from that approx feb 2008.... at this point my fibro was flaring like no other, my doctor left, and I had NO HELP!! IT WAS THAT BAD!!! by the late summer/fall of 2009 I finally found a doctor and went on the patch.... It saved my life when I needed it! I also did sum non surgical treatments and while those were very painful, I did get much relief.... Now finally summer of 2011 I can say I am getting there!!! I was on the 75 mcg fentanyl patch, and now, down to 50.... less pill, and doing my treatments.... I have been so blessed with my wonderful, compassionate, and understanding doctor!! I can truely say I feel like we are a "health team" and she has my back!!!! I hope and pray everyone suffering can find good help, which is rare and hard to find..... but here is a safe place to vent and share and be uplifted and encouraged!!! Hang in there and God bless.....

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