Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doctors, cruelty, and disability

Doctors can be soooo cruel!!!! It seems like for every 8-9 bads ones, there are only 1-2 good ones.... and those are few and far between and hard to find and when you do, they are not taking patients cuz they r so good and work with people.... the last doc said I just needed to get off all narcotics and grin and bear it.... Really?!? Dont they think we want off them too? I am so thankful for my fentanyl, but I would give it up for a cure/no more pain in a heartbeat!!! The worst was the one that when I went for my disability (I got it eventually,yay,praise!!) ... I was telling him bout my pain, my trigger point injections, sum epidurals/blocks... and I said, no person wants this, but I hurt and need help... he said, "you would be surprised to see what some people will go through so they don't have to work".... I said, well, no sane person would want to go through this.... just cuz... working would be "heaven".... I wish I could.... hang in there everyone..... *I will say though, he did listen cuz he did write me a favorable review.... which social security said still wasnt enuf... so y did you send me to him? I got the obligatory denial letter and actually went to our state congresswoman with a "request to look into my case", I sent TONS of dr info and a letter that pleaded for help.... I got my approval 2 weeks after I wrote and did the paperwork to/for the congresswoman! Hope that helps anyone else trying for their disability..... hang in there everyone!!!
the pain somedays IS THAT BAD.... stress and not sleeping only make it worse and when they act like pompus jerks how do they think that effects us? My ABSOLUTE worse... a nurse practitioner told me it was all in my head and what was I teaching my children and how could i settle like this and have nothing... I never went back to that clinic again and called and complained like no other!! I seriously cried for like a week over her.... that was a few years ago, shortly after a surgery with horrible complications and I was soooo sick!!! It was bad and she made it TERRIBLE!!! Supposed to be there to help, but unfortunately too many times they only hinder people and make us feel crazy and like a loser..... were not!!! and we can't let other people have that power over us.... thanks again for another vent session!!! must be the heat making me cranky....
I do have to say though.... rite now I have a wonderful internist doctor (woman) who is very understanding and supportive and I see her monthly and feel like we are a team and she is on my side!!! I can honestly say I am doing better.... or I wouldnt have been able to go down to the 50 mcg patch.... b4 my screwed up surgery, I was down to 1-2 vicoden on my best day and 3-4 on my worser ones....I really do hope that I can be there again..... One step at a time to climb ANY mountain.... and at least rite now, I have a great guide... Thanks Dr. M!! :) your the best!

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