Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter and me and the girls went to church, and it was GOOD! Jesus is Risen, He conquered death, and we have eternal life! I was glad we went.... We used to be regular church attendars, but when my health fell and we left the church we'd been at like 5-6 years, well, we didn't re-pick it up. My youngest wanted to go SSOOOO BAD, "Thank you Lord for using her to bring me and her older sister and even her friend to church, to You!"

Happy Easter!! I pray that this is one habit that we do make as a norm. It was a nice, mellow church with all ages! The pastor was a good speaker and kept my attention and I really enjoyed to reading on 2Corin.15 where Paul speaks about death and the rapture and Jesus conquering death! He brought it alive and fresh and even my girls weren't "bored", considering it is church. They both loved it and I really enjoyed it! It felt good to be there... to hear songs, fellowship.... I hope and pray that we make this a part of our lives more often!

People who go to church are healthier, have a lower blood pressure, and live longer than those who don't. I believe in God's healing, but I am not going to church for the reason. Then it is about me. I need to go to hear the Lord. He is the reason. He doesn't "owe" me anything, and if I expect healing alone, it is about what God does for me, not who He is! Going is about learing more and more Who He is, so that I can be more and more like Him! God can and does still heal, and of course it is something to pray about. We should come to God with all prayers about all things. He just doesn't always answer like we think or on our time. We will all be healed, but not necessarily on this side. When I cross over, to go to Jesus, when it's my time (or the rapture), I will be given a glorified body. That is a day to celebrate! Death and the end is sad, but we have hope that death IS NOT THE END FOR BELIEVERS, but the beginning of our eternity where nothing bad can ever touch us again!!

"Oh death, where is your sting?" Thank you Jesus that you have replaced death's sting with eternal life through You!! May those that are unsaved find you. I pray that you will prepare hearts and knock on doors and that the unsaved and the lost will hear and answer!! And answer Yes, see their need for you, their own lostness, their own efforts that are insufficient, lacking, and needing YOU Lord!! Thank you for saving me and my family and for never letting us go and never giving up on us! You hold us and hold me no matter where I am or who I'm with or what I'm doing. You are faithful, true, and unwavering in Your love! Thank you for choosing me, not on my own merit, but because of Who You are! May I be "sparkling glitter" for You Heavenly Father, my Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior, my ALL!!

ps. I know my dear friend Kenny is with You now, and everytime he comes to my mind, I am thankful that he is with You and I will see him again someday. I look forward to that! On this side we still miss those who have went on ahead to be with Jesus, but thank You Lord that we have can mourn with confidence that this is not the end and that all things are possible through Christ Jesus our Lord.

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