Saturday, April 23, 2011

Achey days, upset stomach, and a touch of housework

So today is another day... it's been so cold and so windy... i have been tired, achey, bored, crakety..... Watchin an old scary movie-Gothika.... creepy!! (THAT WAS LAST NITE)

It's now the next nite.... Been one of those acheyish days and my tummy... AHH!!! I WANT 2 eat soooo BAD, but I just can't. At least I'm not throwing up. At my last doc appt. we discussed my naseau and stomach issues, probably IBS, which sucks and is EMBARASSING!! I wish I could say I have I have been online and have some answers, but I don't. I do have my 'little blue pills' and am keeping small amounts of food down!! It is enuf and is letting me acutally feel like I have a life! Like I am alive! It is better! Next time I go in, I think I will get an ulrasound ordered to see what's going on in there more. 'Cus I don't want to just get by, I want to live!! Live more fully! Despite the pain, that I can manage, but when all you can do or feel like your gonna throw-up, that is not living! And if I asked my family, they would tell you I am doing a lot better (40-50% better). Gotta look at the little achievements... one step at a time.

Last week was spring break and this week was only 4 days and we've made some big achievements on the house. We are not just working on it, but kicking butt on it!! It is AMAZING!! Chronic Pain and House Work... IT IS THAT BAD!! and it is something I will and want to touch in more depth soon! But for now, let me just say a couple words... (yes this is a couple FOR ME)... We have accomplished alot in the house and I am glad for that and it really does feel good. For the pain that comes with pushing yourself at times, it is worth it. It's not just me, but the family, just looks around and LOVES how things are coming together! And last thing about this FOR NOW, It really is a HUGE accomplishment when you have fibro or chocnic pain to clean up and organize anything, let alone a room! For someone who has perfect health, they can go in and "knock-it-out" in a day and cook dinner after. Yes, they may be tired, but it is still in their realm of realities to prepare dinner for themselves and their family. It took 3 days per room (and we had to stretch that out over 2 weeks). I do love how much my family appreciates all I do and what it costs me. It is worth it just to see the girls smile!! :)

God Bless ~TFA

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