Thursday, April 21, 2011

choices (and 420)

Today was 4/20. To some, that's just another day, to others it's a special date on the calendar to celebrate marijuana. In 15 states it is legal for "medical purposes". Laws to legalize it are pending in 12 other states. If at least 10 of those states pass laws allowing it, that would be have the of United States of America! After that, who knows.... I know there are certain countries that are more lenient that America, but at the same time, we are more lax than other countries as well. I am thankful to live in a country where people can celebrate or not celebrate 420. I read somewhere recently about our freedoms and people dying for them. We may not agree with everyone about certain issues/rights, but I am glad we are able to have the right to our own opinions! Not only have the right to our opinions, but also the freedom to speak out for (or against it)! It's OUR CHOICE!

As I was thinking about being greatful for rights and choices and freedoms that we have being a citizen of the USA, I also thought of God and the choices and freedoms He gives us. That is what gives our love meaning! The choice is ours, we have the freedom to say yes or no (to God). It also gives His love more meaning. He gave us the choice and He gave us a Savior!! With giving us a choice, He choose to carry the cross. He knew what choice we would make, and He still choose His choice even though we are undeserving! How could we not love God! Look what He did for us!! Yet some choose not to love God. God chose me though and I am so glad He did! No, glad doesn't cut it. Merry, exhilarated, overjoyed, blessed beyond measure.... those are a tad better...

So I started with 420 and then ended up talking about Jesus. What?!? I will go on the record to say that I think medical marijuana is a good thing. I do not necessarily agree with everything about the laws, but I do know that the herbal plant called "Mary Jane, reefer, and ganga" just to name a few, has many exemplary qualities that make it a perfect medication for certain patients. I believe that God created it and that we should be using it more that we do. When grown 1 plant is equal to several trees when it comes to the oxygen/carbon dioxide factor. Also, hemp is MUCH more durable and Way more wearable than cotton! As for the medical part of it, I have seen loved ones sick and pass away from cancer and have personally dealt with such stomach issues that all I could do was throw up. I took all the prescribed medications for my stomach, and it helped calm it down, but I still couldn't eat. It felt like my in my throat my "mouth to stomach" flip was flipped upside down!?! I would wwant to eat, but couldn't! With a hit or two of medical marijuana, I was able to start eating and keeping things down. I am finally feeling better stomach wise after being sick for months! I would throw up so many days of the week, I felt like I was 'pregnant'! I was THAT sick! (I had a partial hyst. in 2007,so there is NO WAY!! No uterus left, but I do have my eggs. The surgery itself went VERY badly and I had MANY complications! That's putting it BEYOND MILDLY!! I will tell more of this another day tho....)

So, back to the green and medicine....Many narcotics have HORRID side effects, way worse than marijuana. People have died from prescription drug overdoses, but no one has ever died from smoking too much weed! It helps a variety of diseases and is all natural. I think 'pill poppers' (the kind of people that ABUSE pills) are WAY WAY worse to be around than a 'pot head'. Alcohol has side effects that scare me and I WILL NOT be around it. Pot heads are mellow. Imagine 2 differt bars... a "smoking bar" and an "alcohol bar".... you bump into sumone at each place... where there is alcohol served, you might get punched. At the bar the serves reefer, "it's all good man" in a slow drawl..... no big deal, and not retained in the memory. In the alcoholics mind, they may see the accidental bump as an on purpose check or something like that.... you never know!! I won't be around people drinking, for this reason and more (to tell later).

As for marijuana and other drugs, I hold "if it aint green, it aint clean" deep in my heart and head!! And while I believe it is ok in moderation for medical use, I also believe it is for adults over 18 only and people need to be very careful in how they take care of their medicine when they do have it. Be careful when and where you do it and please, dont smoke and drive!! Studies have shown that your brain is much slower to automatic and said commands in your brain! Narcotics for pain relief can also be dangerous when driving. The higher the pain level, the more medication; the more medication, the more dangerous it is to drive. Before you go out, Ask yourself, is "whatever it is you need" THAT important that you HAVE to get it NOW? Usually it can wait, and if it ABSOLUTELY CANT wait, please, ask for a ride. Your family and friends WANT to be there for you when your hurting.... they WANT to HELP you! When Im having a flare-up and having "one of those days" and my med usage is higher than a "normal day", I will ask for help. I don't say, Well, I feel I took too many pills, cause that's not ALL it is, but I tell them the truth... I hurt and want to wear my jammies/comfies all day and not leave my house! I sleep alot when I'm in a flare-up also. My family has been happy to help when they can! Reaching out is hard to do... wanna be self-sufficiant, not weak! but it has been the best thing as well.... those who love you, want what's best for you and that's them helping, we just gotta ask.... Now we're on a "bunny train".... Easter is only a few days away.....

Well, I've talked about marijuana, God, choices, narcotics, driving under the influence.... and I have said where I stand on these sensitive issues.... Everyone in entitled to their opinion, that's why we vote! It's also what gives us the right to speak out. Even if you disagree with someone, is it fair that only you can say why you feel its wrong and they can't say why they feel it is right? I may disagree with a person on the trivial and inconsequential things, but I love when two people can disagree with fairness, tact, and grace.

No matter what the situation, No matter who your in the situation with, and no matter why your in the situation-"'THE GOLDEN RULE': TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED." If we all would stop for a moment when we are bickering with someone we love and realize how we SHOULD be treating them. Because if you say mean and hurtful things IN ANGER, when your NOT MAD, those words are stuck! Hurtful words HURT people! Something to think about and put in action!! ~God Bless

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