Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Agape' love

School is out and now I have the girls home..... I am very grateful because there are so many tasks that are too physical for me and I require a "set of hands", but its also hard because I don't like from them to see me sick and it is hard when u all live together under one roof! Between the good and the bad, we are family and grow stonger together.... I am their mom and they are my daughters, and in the end, having fibro (which includes not just the pain, but being sick, tired, etc...) has actually brought us closer together. To be there when things are good is easy, but to be there and conquer through the bad together, well, thats what makes us family!! We don't just love each other with a shallow superficial love, but one that looks out for the other person! At 14 and 11, they have an empathy you don't normally see in children. God is continually in our lives, and that is what makes our family possible! His agape' love is an example for all of us and I am thankful that He is in my heart and will NEVER let me go and NEVER give up on me!! He loves me with my best interests.... and I am thankful that He is God and that He is good!

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