Friday, January 27, 2012

pain poem (from 9/10/2010)

I found this old poem in an old journal the other day.... It describes how it feels when my fibro flares and seem to take over me.... engulfed by pain, the fibro tries to claim ALL OF ME....

All of me
filled with piercing pain
the ever constant pounding
from my always predictable "friend"

Chronic Pain
friend or foe
always and forever there

The sky seems dark
my Spirit bleak
I feel trapped
between two worlds

One, a world of isolation
of hurt, agony, and pain
A pain that will never leave me
always and forever there

The other world
I tip toe on the fringes of
never quite belonging
from the outside looking in

I will never be alone
for each road I travel
my constant companion is always with me
My "friend", my "enemy", my "companion"

Apart..... separate... an outcast
'til death do us part
me and my pain
will remain as one

But when my sweet forever comes
and Jesus takes me home
Then I will be
Forever.... truly free! <3

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