Friday, December 16, 2011

holidays and living with fibro

So my main doc is leaving on maternity leave... I was pretty scared at first, but saw her for the last time and we put everything in my notes, I am seeing a neurologist monthly now-human pin cushion, but it's working, slowly but surely, and even if I don't ever "completely recover", I will be able to get to MY best!! I am making peace with my health and keeping stresses at bay (as much as anyone can) and even doing some therapy for personal issues.... Oh, and in the town I live, they are going to be offering a 6 week class on living with chronic illnesses in January or February, put my name and # on that list, I would LOVE to take some classes learning to live with and deal with my fibro/health specifically! So very hopeful on that end.... I am having a pretty good fibro day, and gonna finish my Christmas shopping today, got my cards done last night, first time since 2006, and it feels really good!!! My babies are growing up and I am so proud of them, and I got some picture packages and mailed the pics with the cards, family will enjoy that!! The one thing though, I am exhausted.... I could sleep for a few day, thank goodness for coffee and the weekend!!! Can't believe it's almost Christmas, and I can't believe how ready I actually am... the rest the house, laundry, dishes, piles of this and that, well, that's why I have the two most wonderful girls, to help with cleaning!!! I know they love it, all sarcasm intended!!! Gotta get ready for the day, thanks for reading and wishing you the best health possible!!!

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